Maps and Data Visualizations

The concept

This project is part of TMS system, a visualization of orders, master data and tariff related tasks. It is designed to solve complexity, enable people to gain a better understanding of daily complex data around them.

Why Visualization

To tell a story. To get rid of scroooooooooll bar. 

Here are examples I hear on a regular basis:

“This 800px dialog box cannot display all fields.” 

“Add a scroll bar.” 

“We need to add more columns in this table.” 

“Add a scroll bar.”

“There’s no space for scroll bar.” 

“Why not add a scroll bar?” 

Scroll bar is everything 😑. 

Viewers here with their questions in mind. For example, “How many orders had been dispatched from Shanghai NDC in last 3 month?" They ask a question, find an answer to the question. Map is a more effective, clear way of communicating than bland numbers, text and tables.

THE Design

  • Pack information into 3 chunks, control/filter is fixed in place on the left side.
  • Choose the right charts and graphs to present the information.
  • Red means origin, blue for destination, it used consistently throughout guidelines. 
  • Forget zoomable map in specific scenarios. If we can get all information at one level, why need 16 zoom levels?